Concorde Aero Collection

The History of Concorde Exhibition 2007

The World's Most Famous Passenger Aircraft

Held at Thornbury & District Museum

November 2007 to February 2008

This informative and exciting exhibition was held during the winter season, from 17th November 2007 through to 23rd February 2008. The exhibition describe the development, ups and downs, and success of Concorde through a unique collection of aircraft and engine components, documents and flown commemorative covers. There was also a display of passenger seats and specially designed in-flight tableware and glassware.

The exhibition also contained many items from the development period, including wing and engine intake leading edge ice and rain impact test specimens, early TRIPLEX cockpit window and a TV monitor used on aircraft 002. Later items include an air intake status indicator, a drop nose position transmitter, air speed computer, return to service fuel tank liner and many more fascinating items.

During the staging of the exhibition the museum attracted approximately 1,100 visitors.

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